About The Cancer Care Informatics Conference

Real chance for life!

CancerCareInformatics is the first dedicated international conference on Cancer Informatics attracting researchers, policy makers, and practitioners that employ informatics to empower cancer care holistically, where the cancer patient is the focus in the cancer care journey involving all concerned stakeholders. The conference is anticipated not only to be a platform, but also as a key enabler for developing new knowledge to address many of the unmet needs of healthcare strategies and policy makers in informatics-empowered cancer care, provide accessibility to next generation peer-reviewed research in cancer care informatics, requirements engineering for cancer care, lean engineering of cancer care processes, policy changes to cancer care enabled by informatics, governance, change management, and taking into consideration cultural change implications  in attending to informatics-enabled cancer care. In addition, the conference is aimed at attracting state of the art research in the provision of:

(1) Cancer care software services, clouds and tools,

(2) Big data analytics for cancer care,

(3) Reducing the digital divide in cancer care,

(4) Cancer Care and Life Long Learning,

(5) Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Cancer Care Informatics,

(6) Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of employing cancer care informatics strategies, policies, etc. 

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings which will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.