The Ph.D. Consortium

Real chance for life!
The Doctoral Consortium of the CancerCareInformatics 2018 conference is aimed to be a regular annual venue for Ph.D. students who are in the early stages of conducting their research in cancer care informatics. Accepted proposals by those Ph.D. students will present their research and synopsis of their theses in this international venue to stakeholders involved in cancer informatics research word-wide and hence providing a great and distinctive opportunity for such students to meet and discuss with researchers at different levels of expertise in related disciplines.

The Ph.D. consortium sessions have two parts. In the first part, students showcase their research. In this second part, students will have the opportunity to meet key researchers interested in their research in cancer care informatics, discuss with peers, and return with feedback from the experts in their area of research.

Submissions will be reviewed by three peer reviewers and selected ones will be required to join consortium and to pay the registration fees of the CancerCareInformatics 2018 main conference but paying student registration fees.


Call for Submission

Ph.D. research students will need to submit to the Doctoral Consortium a maximum of 6-pages paper about their doctoral research work using the CancerCareInformatics Conference Submission System. Submitted work should include the following:

  • Title of the Ph.D. research work, name of the Ph.D. student, research supervisory team, the affiliated organization, and contact information (email address);
  • The Research aim, objectives, hypotheses, and research questions;
  • The novel aspect of the research and how it extends existing or current research in progress;
  • The Research methodology;
  • Research framework design;
  • The integrated research evaluation framework;
  • Work in progress key outcomes and the expected novel contributions of their research; and
  • Acknowledgements of possible contributions and support of industrial and academic partners.

 The deadline for submission is October 01, 2018.

Selected submissions, with further possible extensions and revisions, will be published in the conference main proceedings as extended abstracts.